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COVID-19 Compliance Process


The following details the COVID-19 compliance process for Lough Derg Football Club (LDFC). It consists of two parts: (1) Participant (player, coach, or compliance officer) registration, and (2) checklists for the compliance officer prior to training, friendly, or match, and after the training, friendly, or match has finished.


(1) Player/Coach/Compliance Officer Registration

All members participating in Soccer with LDFC must be members of the club. This includes all players, coaches, committee members, and any parent or guardian, volunteers. Members must download and install ClubZap then select LDFC as their Club.


Once registered with the club, the member (or parent/guardian, if underage) must then request to join the appropriate age-group. The admins of the respective age-groups are responsible for ensuring the member is in the correct one.


Each week, the coaches will enter the Event details into ClubZap for each training session, friendly, or match occurring that week. Members of the chat-group affected by the Event will get a notification on their mobile for which they should then respond, "yes" or "no", to indicate attendance. Additionally, the member should complete the Covid-19 FAI Return to Play questionnaire attached to the Event to indicate their current health status.



(2) COVID-19 Compliance Officer

All COVID Compliance Officers (CO) must be members of LDFC, garda vetted by the FAI within the past 3 years, and have taken Safeguarding 1 course within the past 3 years. CO's do not need to be coaches; parents and guardians can also be CO's but must adhere to the aforementioned criteria.


A CO is required to attend each venue's training session, friendly, or match. One CO can cover multiple events within a venue. It is up to the coaches to ensure a CO is arranged prior to the training, friendly, or match.


Currently approved venues for LDFC are:

  • Clarisford main pitch
  • Clarisford training area (back of rugby pitch)
  • Clarisford sand pitch
  • Clarisford 3G
  • Birdhill Dublin Road pitch


Responsibilities of the CO are as follows:

  • Ensure he/she is a member of the ClubZap chat-group they will be overseeing. Admins of the chat-group may need to approve access for the CO if the CO is not normally part of the squad.
  • Wear a Hi-Vis while undertaking the CO role.
  • Engage with referees prior to match kick-off.
  • Perform pre-event actions as detailed in the COVID-19 Compliance Officer Checklist
  • Perform post-event actions as detailed in the COVID-19 Compliance Officer Checklist
  • Report any issues to the Club head COVID-19 Compliance Officer

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