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Club Approach to Streaming

Approach to Streaming



The following is intended as a guide for Coaches and Parents, to help explain the

reason behind the Club’s approach to streaming.


Streaming is the method by which children are divided into teams, based primarily

upon their current ability as a player.


Streaming only comes into affect at the competitive age groups i.e. u12 and up.

This will never be an exact science but is based on a decision made by a number

of coaches having watched the child over a period of time and with the best

interests of the child in mind.


Reasons are as follows;

* A player’s development is likely to be enhanced by playing with players that are of

a similar ability, in a league of similar ability. If they are playing at a higher level than

is appropriate for them, they are unlikely to get as involved in the game and will

have more limited time on the ball, which will restrict their development as a player.

If they are playing at a lower level than is appropriate for them, they may not be

sufficiently challenged to improve.

* We do not stream to win. It’s about developing players and playing with and

against those of a similar ability. This is likely to encourage even games, and will

inevitably involve wins and losses, all helpful experiences.

* An individual’s development should come before a team’s development. A good

player that is dominating a team and is clearly too good at that level, should be

given the opportunity to move to a stronger team, if there is one, despite the impact

this may have on the original team’s ability to win. This may include consideration

of playing children up an age group – if supported by the child and parents


* Every player should be treated the same, whatever team they play for.

Opportunities should be taken as appropriate, through training sessions,

tournaments and social events, to mix players from different teams in the same age

group. This will then ease movement between teams as and when it occurs.

* When moving players between teams, coaches need to be sure they have

assessed players correctly and movement is communicated appropriately. It is only

natural that parents and the child may feel a degree of nervousness if moving to a

different team, and there may be disappointment if the movement is to a lower level

team. Explanation of decisions need to be clear and considerate.

* It is good for kids to mix with other kids and make new friends, outside those that

they may know from School or other groups.



Streaming of players should be reviewed on a season by season basis at a

minimum. It can be done mid-season in exceptional circumstances.


Concerns ?

Individual parents’ concerns should be raised confidentially with the coaches in the

first instance, with any concerns about the application of this policy passed directly

to the Club Committee.


For the benefit of the child

While streaming only comes into affect for teams at the competitive age groups we

support a coaches right to stream in training or practice matches if they think this

will be of benefit to all the children.

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